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Answering the question: "What is narcolepsy?" we could quote the next words: "When a sleep attack does hit, there is actually nothing you can do about it, but just fall into sleep".

These are the words of a person, suffering from narcolepsy that may be perhaps the best description of the disease's symptom. Due to the similarity of narcolepsy symptoms with other diseases, the number of narcoleptic people in Australia can hardly be estimated, but it is assumed that out of 2000 people one person may be affected by the illness. Some scientists suppose that the disease may be caused by genetics, though there is no clear evidence of this. Numerous medical investigations have been held in order to understand what narcolepsy is. The cumulative summary of these investigations may let us say that narcolepsy is a serious sleep disorder, caused by the lack of hypocretin (wakefulness-promoting hormone) in the brain, which is expressed by unusual daytime drowsiness, not regular night sleep and cataplexy - an unpredictable loss of strength and consequent fainting.

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Narcolepsy is a disease, posing disastrous threat to the health and social status of a patient. It goes without saying that without corresponding treatment narcoleptic people cannot fulfill their duties at work, are exposed to large risk while being involved in potentially dangerous activities like driving or controlling machinery, may not feel comfortable in interpersonal relations. The key reason for these threats is the inability to control conscious state of mind. Moreover, the sleep attack affects not only the mind, but the whole body becomes relaxed and helpless. When using the same criteria for comparison, it can be concluded, that narcolepsy symptoms are more severe than that of epilepsy.

Another problem is diagnosing the disease. The symptoms of narcolepsy are similar to other sleep disorders and are mainly developing during adolescence. Still, in many patients complicated diagnosing of the illness results at starting narcolepsy treatment long after the disease has showed itself. The necessity to pass numerous tests and considerable time required for making correct diagnosis contribute to the problem. A recent study showed that in major cases the correct diagnosis is made average 14 years after the onset of symptoms. Therefore the earlier an appropriate narcolepsy treatment is applied, the less will be the impact of the disease on personal and professional development of the person.

Among the main symptoms of narcolepsy are excessive daytime sleepiness, abnormal REM sleep, sleep paralysis, cataplexy and hypnagogic hallucinations. Excessive daytime sleepiness is an overwhelming, uncontrollable by the patient desire to sleep during the day that may unpredictably come as a fit and result in quick falling asleep. Sleep paralysis, cataplexy and hypnagogic hallucinations are the disorder of REM sleep. Sleep paralysis is expressed by inability of the patient to move shortly after falling asleep or waking up. Hypnagogic hallucinations occur during the sleep or dozing. Cataplexy is a sudden fit of muscle weakness triggered by emotions.

Many people with this sleep disorder complain of frequent recurrence of the symptoms of narcolepsy. There may be about fifty sleep fits during the day. Therefore, such people cannot work, study and enjoy ordinary way of life, unless narcolepsy symptoms are relieved by antinarcoleptic drugs. Another severe symptom is cataplexy that is often triggered by bright emotions or impressions. Actually, cataplexy doesn't let people with narcolepsy enjoy joys and strong emotions like other people do. Smile is the best stimulant for life, but in case of narcolepsy, people are deprived of this simple stimulant, as it may make them faint and fall asleep. Anti narcoleptic medications come as a rescue from the state of limited performance and abilities for people with narcolepsy.

Even though today's studies have not fully revealed the mechanisms in a human brain, provoking narcolepsy symptoms, and the science cannot give a precise answer what causes this disease, the pharmaceutical developments make it possible to fight with the symptoms of narcolepsy. There are a number of antinarcoleptic medications like Modapro, Modavigil, Nuvigil, Modalert, Provigil, and Modafinil, that make a usual way of life possible for people suffering from narcolepsy, as they are stimulating central nervous system and prevent falling asleep during the daytime when it is not desired. These anti narcoleptic medicines are good means to cope with narcolepsy symptoms, but still, there have not yet been found a way to cope with the disease itself. Antinarcoleptic effect of the mentioned medications is achieved by means of influencing on the chemicals in the brain, responsible for regulating wakefulness. Narcolepsy treatment with Modafinil, for example, has shown high effectiveness and very few side effects.

Today's antinarcoleptic drugs are designed to overcome sleepiness andpromote wakefulness, while they do not interfere with other psychic abilities and characteristics. This makes narcolepsy treatment safe and comfortable, enabling the patients to lead ordinary way of life. Anti narcoleptic drugs, being the everlasting need for people with narcolepsy, as, unfortunately the disease itself yet cannot be cured and their main function is only to relieve the symptoms narcolepsy, combine the latest achievements of pharmacological world and can be truly called a reliable friend in narcolepsy treatment. Numerous medical investigations have been made to find the best means to help such people, and today the drugs like Modafinil or Provigil can be called the breakthrough in this direction.

The respective field of pharmacology has been rapidly developing, as these drugs, apart from medical indications, are often used as safe and effective brain work stimulants. The availability of generic medications in this category make the drugs affordable to the majority of the patients, being less expensive than the brand drugs, but having the same quality and pharmacological effect, which let the patients forget what narcolepsy is.

Narcolepsy also helps to understand another sleep disorders. One of the most common and widely spread sleep disorders is insomnia. One of the common things between these diseases is that in either case a person should overcome a strong desire to sleep during the day. For insomnia, such condition is caused by lack of sleep during the night.

Being the source of rest, physical and psychological recovery for everyone, good sound sleep nowadays becomes a problem for quite a large number of people. Tremendous amounts of information a modern human has to cope with in order to gain success in our informational era and a growth of stress and psychic strain we face every day contribute to the spread of such conditions as insomnia.

In order to answer the question "What is insomnia?" it will not be enough to say that this is the medical condition when a person cannot sleep.

The disease is quite complicated and there may be different causes of insomnia. Generally, insomnia is characterized as a sleep disorder when a patient has troublesome sleeping or falling asleep. Insomnia symptoms are usually expressed by problems with falling asleep, interruption of sleep during the night and difficulty in falling asleep afterwards, having little sleep and waking up too early in the morning, having not enough rest during the sleep and waking up tired.

Today's medicine distinguishes between two types of insomnia - primary and secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia stands for the disease itself, it means that the problems with sleep a patient has are not connected directly to any other medical condition or problem, affecting his/her sleep. Secondary insomnia stands for sleep problems, resulting as the consequence of other diseases, like asthma, depression, arthritis, cancer, etc., pain, preventing from falling asleep, usage of the medicines or other substances, like alcohol.

According to the length of duration, insomnia is divided into acute - a short time insomnia, that may trouble a person from a single night to several weeks; and chronic - a kind of insomnia that lasts longer, for example three nights during the week for a month or longer. It goes without saying that long absence of sleep makes a great negative impact on health and state of mind of a person, depriving him from body and mind soundness, obtained during the sleep. The earlier treatment of insomnia causes or the symptoms of insomnia usually gives better result than treating long lasting chronic disease.

Among acute insomnia causes we would mention the following:
  – A heavy psychological stress, received after a hard or challenging life situation.
  – Disease
  – Emotional or physical discomfort
  – Impossibility to have proper sleep conditions (Irritating noise, extremely hot or cold surroundings)
  – Impact of medicines taken for other diseases
  –Irregular sleeping schedule (Necessity to work night shifts)

Chronic insomnia causes are usually the following:
  – Depression, anxiety or other psychic disorder
  – Chronic stress and fatigue
  – Inability to sleep because of pain or other discomfort

The most widely spread insomnia symptoms result from lack of rest during the sleep and are represented by daytime sleepiness, tiredness, irritability, lack of energy and worsened abilities to concentrate and memorize. Our generic drugs like Modapro, Modavigil, Nuvigil, Modalert, Provigil, and Modafinil may help overcome these symptoms. Their effectiveness has been proved by a long marketing experience and numerous clinical trials.

The first stage to cure insomnia will surely be the diagnosing. When a person thinks he's got insomnia, no time should be wasted to ask for health care provider's help. The doctor may need to make physicl examination, study the medical history or study the sleep history before a correct course of treatment will be prescribed.

Searching for the answer how to cure insomnia the medical science has developed a number of medicamentous, non- medicamentous and combined therapies. The key to insomnia treatment is often found in the psychic that can be cured in different ways.

Short-term acute insomnia may not require any treatment at all. Developing good sleep habits may be a good cure for insomnia. Among the good things to improve your sleep may be avoiding napping during the day, cutting down on drinking and smoking, drinking less tea or coffee, doing something relaxing before sleep (for example, meditation or warm bath), going to bed later and the like. Psychologically, when unable to fall asleep, a person gets worried about this, upsets and cannot fall asleep. The good cure for mild insomnia is not to think that you cannot fall asleep and not to hope for set time of sleep every night. Sleeping a little shorter one night is not going to do any harm. Some cases of acute insomnia may require taking sleeping pills for a short time.

As for the chronic insomnia, in order to relieve insomnia symptoms, you should cure insomnia causes. When the disease has persisted for a long time, a professional attention is needed. The course of treatment may take quite a lot of time in this case and appropriate medications should be used.

Today, every third person suffers from insomnia from time to time, but only very few need cure for insomnia. This is the case when we face the stress, which unsettles our ordinary way of life, but after it has passed, the problem disappears. In either case, when you need help in your difficult situation, should you have a short-time acute insomnia or a chronic disorder, our online pharmacy can always offer you the medication you need. We are always willing to help our customers and do our best to make their lives healthier, offering the best of generic medications.

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Anti narcoleptic drugs are often recommended by physicians and used by persons, who faced with such a neurological disease as Narcolepsy. It is a mental and psychological condition, connected with a feeling of sleepiness in a daytime. Narcolepsy is the main cause of excessive sleepiness during a day.

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Generic vs Brands Medications

Modern pharmaceutical market offers a choice between generic and brand medications for people looking for drugs against excessive sleepiness. Numerous other brand medications have generics and the matter can be sometimes confusing. Below you will find the reasons why the pharmaceutical products are divided into these two groups and useful information about generic medications.

There are some myths that should be ruined when talking about generic and brand medications. Choosing a medicine for your particular disease and having a question what would be better - a generic or brand one, you would better get to know some facts first.

Quality of Generic vs Brand drugs

The first myth to be demolished is the difference in quality between generic and brand drugs. The key to answer if there is any difference between the quality of a generic medication and a brand one may be found in the requirements for a generic drug before it is approved by the respective national healthcare authority, for example, US Food and Drug Administration. As is stated by the mentioned authority, in order to get the approval to market a generic medication of some brand, a pharmaceutical company must ensure for the developing generic medication exactly the same intended use, dosage, and side effects as a brand drug has. Obviously, both medications will have the same time of action, contraindications, ways of administration and strength. Under this condition, it is clear that the generic quality is absolutely the same as the quality of the brand. Besides, it is reported by FDA that 50% of generic drugs are made by brand pharmaceutical companies. Having the same manufacturer, can the quality differ?

Why does a generic drug have a different name?

The second confusion a patient may meet is that the same medication is not supposed to have a different name. This confusion is explained by the marketing of the drug. When a pharmaceutical company has developed a new drug, it is often given a unique trade name, aiming rather not to identify the ingredient of the medicine, but to market the medication, which is advertised and sold afterwards. The name becomes the brand and is usually designed for better promotion of the drug. The name of generic medication, just on the contrary, is the name of the medicine's ingredient. As a brand name is patented by the owner of the developed drug, generic cannot be called similarly.

Can cheaper drug be the same as the brand medication?

The third question about generics and brand drugs is the price. Brand medications are more expensive than generic ones. The matter is that the price of the brand includes all the funds spent on its developing, advertising, promoting. Certainly, a generic medication is cheaper as the pharmaceutical company producing it does not need to spend funds and time to develop it. And here is the great saving of funds, as the development process may take years of investigation. As a matter of fact, you pay more for the name and the brand when buying a brand drug, as the corresponding generic will have the same quality and characteristics, but will be usually less known. Again, we should mention that for major preparations the criterion for quality is the approval by US Food and Drug Administration, both for brand names and generic medicines. Since all our medications are approved by FDA, you can be completely sure they are of the best quality.

Will a generic drug be a better choice?

We would let you answer this question yourself. Buying a product we often pay not only for the good itself, but for the name, mass media commercials, and all the expenses a company has suffered on its way to the final consumer. Pharmaceutical product is not an exception in this case. A generic drug, as is shown above, will be the choice of the remedy itself, without numerous accompanying expenses, added to the price of the pill. Saving your money and getting the same is the philosophy of generic drugs' industry. Generic drugs make the needed remedy affordable to the majority of people. Nothing else can overweigh this fact when one thinks about generic vs brand medicine, as, fighting with a disease, all of us need remedies, that won't frighten by their price and add to the trouble one already has. Our online pharmacy offers you the best of generic medicines and invariably perfect customer service.


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